Routine Clean: 1 to 2 hours

Spend 1 or 2 hours cleaning your car, covering wheels and interior too. A straightforward clean that gives great results. (Timings are based on a medium sized hatchback.)

Step 1: Streak free cleaning (30 minutes)

Wash with Shampoo & Wax, then dry with a soft cloth to remove water marks.

  • Removes dirt
  • Streak free shine

Step 2: Quick shine (25 minutes)

Add instant shine with Carnauba Liquid Wax, then buff and dry with a soft clean cloth.

  • Long lasting shine
  • Protects your paintwork

Step 3: Clean alloys (20 minutes)

Clean the wheels with Ultracare Alloy Cleaner, to get rid of road dirt and brake dust.

  • Powerful dirt removal
  • No damage, even to scuffed alloys

Step 4: The final details (30 minutes)

The final step is detailing:

  • Back to Black Tyre Shine makes your tyres look like new
  • Use Glass Cleaner on mirrors and windows for streak free visibility 
  • Clean interior plastics with Dash Shine for a gloss finish.