Simoniz Lasting Protection Wax

What happens if I use valeting products on a hot car?

If your car paintwork is hot, valeting products like shampoos and wax polishes have a tendency to dry quickly. If the products are not rinsed or buffed off before drying, they can leave white marks and streaks that can take a lot of effort to remove. They should ideally be used on cool surfaces, so avoid washing and waxing in hot sunshine. Try parking in the shade to allow the car to cool first.

Simoniz Shampoo and Wax 500ml bottle

How often should I shampoo my car?

You can shampoo your car as often as you need to, and this will vary depending on how often you drive and if you drive on muddy roads, for example. Applying wax between washes will help to protect your car’s exterior from harmful dirt and environmental damage, and keep it looking shiny for longer.

Simoniz wax on car

What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba wax comes from Brazil, and is naturally derived from palm leaves. It’s known for its hardness and resistance to high temperatures and produces a deep, glossy long-lasting finish. Carnauba wax is insoluble in water so will prtect your car in all weather conditions, even after washing. Simoniz Original Wax contains carnauba and a single application can last up to 12 months.