Can I use Back to Black Bumpershine on a grey bumper?

Yes, Back to Black Bumpershine can be used safely on grey bumpers, and should restore your vehicle’s plastic bodywork to its original grey. Like all Simoniz products, it was developed in the lab and tested on the road, and offers users a simple way to return your car’s exterior to its showroom best – no matter what its original colour.

Apply Back to Black Bumpershine to a grey bumper, and not only will you restore its look and finish, you’ll also protect it against future colour degradation. The product is suitable for all exterior plastics, and will provide a long lasting finish to even the most tired and faded of plastic body trim and bumpers.

Apply the product evenly to a clean, dry bumper to achieve a showroom-finish that is protected from future discolouration thanks to Back to Black Bumpershine’s advanced liquid formula.

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