How should I clean a car that has matt paint?

It’s important matt cars are washed more often and very gently to avoid imparting scratches as well as taking your time with the paintwork. We’d advise the two bucket method of shampoo and clean water. This would reduce the chance of any grime in the sponge damaging the cars paintwork whilst washing. I’d also advise the use of our wax free shampoo in order to clean without adding any element of gloss to the paintwork.


We’d advise working on only one or two panels at a time in summer to avoid water spots being created. Use a leather chamois to dry off and you can’t use waxes or polishes as they will alter the sheen from the paint.


We’d suggest every bit of soil (e.g. bug and bird dirt, tree sap, etc) is cleaned off asap using a weak solution of wax free shampoo and water. As rubbing the surface can cause damage, we’d suggest you soak the area with plenty of water and rinsing after, rubbing soils away gently. The same applies with water spots.


The key thing to remember is to take your time, as any scratches to the paintwork can’t be removed using polishes.

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