Why do I need a separate glass cleaner?

The glass windows in your car are susceptible to smearing, streaks and blemishes, which can prove dangerous when you’re out on the open road. If your windows are covered in streaks, fingerprints or smears, visibility may be reduced, and the marks may cause dangerous sun dazzle.

To combat this, it’s important to use a separate glass cleaner when washing your car. Simoniz Glass Cleaner has been specially developed by our team of experts to quickly remove streaks and smears from your car windows in order to improve visibility and help you stay safe on the road.

If you’re experiencing poor visibility due to sun dazzle, our Clear Vision Glass Cleaner guarantees high visibility and a streak-free finish. The advanced solution can be applied to exterior and interior glass, and the easy to use trigger spray ensures easy application for impeccable results no matter how streaky your vehicle’s windows.



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