How often should I shampoo my car?

Depending on how much you love your car, you can shampoo it as often as you like. The question really hinges on how often you use your car and in what kind of conditions. Drive frequently in all weathers, and you’ll likely want to shampoo your car regularly to keep the paintwork free from harmful deposits and maintain the showroom finish. If you drive less regularly and tend to just drive to the shops rather than on muddy lanes, then you won’t need to shampoo as much.

To get the best results each and every time you wash your car, we recommend you use Simoniz Shampoo & Wax. It combines a streak free shampoo formula with added carnauba wax, so that you can achieve protection, cleanliness and shine in one wash.




You can give your car extra protection between washes by using a car wax, which creates a protective layer between your car and the elements. We have a range of different wax options depending on your requirements and levels of car care experience.

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