Waterless Wash

Sometimes it’s not always possible to do a full shampoo car wash – maybe because you live in a block of flats, or you’re just trying to save water. Our Waterless Wash will get your car shining in 90 minutes, with no buckets needed.

Step 1: Clean without water (40 minutes)

Check the car for bits of grit, then spray on Waterless Wash & Wax and buff with a clean cloth.

  • Removes marks
  • Adds instant protection and shine

Step 2: Streak free glass (10 minutes)

Remove marks and smears from the windows and mirrors with Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner.

  • Streak free cleaning
  • Better visibility

Glass cleaner

Step 3: Interior shine (10 minutes)

Clean your interior plastics with Gloss Dash Shine, for a long lasting shine finish.

  • Cleans plastics
  • Long lasting gloss finish

Step 4: Fast stain removal (30 minutes)

Clean your carpets and seats with Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner. It will remove even dried in stains and bad odours.

  • Removes stains
  • Unique brush head removes dried in dirt