High Visibility Window Cleaner

Transparency of windows and mirrors guaranteed

High Visibility Window Cleaner is a formula specially designed to clean the windows and headlight optics of those who take care of the appearance of their vehicle. It was developed in our laboratories and tested on the roads to ensure optimal quality.

  • Removes greasy film and dirt
  • Without traces or reflections
  • Windows, mirrors, and plastics


Our High Visibility Glass Cleaner quickly removes dirt, stains and traces of pollution and guarantees a streak-free finish for enhanced visibility.

Since 1919, Holts teams have been constantly innovating to provide you with quality products that meet the needs of today’s cars. Visibility is a key factor in road safety, which is why we bring you this high performance glass cleaner that keeps your windows, mirrors and firewalls clean.

Improve your visibility of your vehicle thanks to the High Visibility Reinforced Window Cleaner.