Holts brake cleaner

Safety data sheet: brake cleaner

Brake Cleaner is the product that you can trust in your workshop. It is a powerful cleaning and degreasing agent that can be used on a wide variety of metal parts and surfaces, such as brakes and clutches, to remove brake dust, brake pad residue, grease, dirt and oil deposits.

Brake Cleaner cleans faster and at a lower cost than its competitors at an excellent price / performance ratio, and also features a powerful 360 degree spray action that helps you quickly reach even hard-to-reach areas.

Removes oil, grease and dirt from brake and clutch discs, transmission parts, etc

  • Highly effective and fast
  • Free from chlorinated solvents, acetone and silicone
  • Sprays specifically from all layers

Aerosol 600ml x 12: 52460600131