Holts Radweld radiator tight

Safety Data Sheet: Radweld Radiator Dicht

Radweld Kühler Dicht is one of Holts most popular products. Repairs to the radiator are quick and easy, saving you time and money and ensuring the vehicle is protected from corrosion. Just pour in Radweld. The state-of-the-art formula detects leaks in the radiator of the vehicle and seals it permanently.

Radweld is suitable for all vehicles and mixes with all coolants / antifreeze without having to drain or flush the cooling system. Radweld Radiator Dicht penetrates the entire system and repairs leaks in the radiator without damaging or clogging the system.

Liquid radiator sealant with corrosion protection

    • Seals radiator leaks quickly and permanently
    • For coolers made of metal and plastic
    • Can be left in the cooling water
    • Effective and compatible with commercial antifreeze
    • Pre-treat older cooling systems with Speedflush cooler

125ml x 12 bottle: 12520320220 = 125ml forancen 7ancenancen Cooling
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