How Dangerous is Sun Dazzle?

Dangerous sun dazzle - dirty windscreen with glareEvery now and then, news and media outlets report “sun dazzle” as being a danger to drivers and a cause of road traffic accidents. But just how dangerous is sun dazzle, and what can we do to prevent it affecting our ability to drive safely?

In this guide we look at the effect sun dazzle can have on motorists, and some of the simple ways you can avoid it.

What is sun dazzle?

Sun dazzle or glare occurs when bright sunlight hits your line of vision. When light hits your windscreen, dirt causes it to scatter, and this causes dazzling. Traffic film, insects and road spray containing salt cause the most light scattering or dazzle.

When should I worry about sun dazzle?

The answer is a little more complicated than “when it’s sunny”. Road Safety Analysis looked at the data from road traffic accidents between 2009 and 2013, and found that sun dazzle increases as a cause of accidents early in the morning, between 6am and noon when the sun is low.

It’s also more dangerous in winter months, as the sun is lower and more likely to shine in your line of vision. Things like ice and wet roads can also make it worse, as the sunlight refracts off the road surface and in to your line of vision.

It is, however, a problem all year round, so you should always be aware of it when driving and be prepared to take steps to prevent it affecting your ability to drive.

How can I prevent sun dazzle?

The first thing to do is be aware, as a driver, that you are vulnerable to sun dazzle at different times of year, and in different weather conditions. If it’s sunny or the sun is low in the sky, take extra care to leave more than enough stopping distance between you and the car in front.

We can’t control the elements, but we can control how clean our windscreens are, preventing light scattering caused by dirt. At Prestone your safety is our priority, and we excel at developing products which tackle extreme environmental situations. Our team were determined to help drivers prevent sun dazzle, so we improved our screenwash to keep you safe.

Prestone screenwashes ensure maximum visibility by reducing glare and keeping your windscreen clear. Our new improved formula cleans better than ever and leaves no smearing, so all you see is the road ahead.

But it’s not just the outside of your windscreen you need to keep clean to prevent sun dazzle; the inside glass should be kept clean, too. Fingerprints and smears on internal glass surfaces can cause dazzle as easily as debris on the outside, so clean the glass regularly using a high quality glass cleaner to prevent sun dazzle on the open road.

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Written by Bruce Ellis