pouring Prestone coolant

How often/when should I flush my radiator?

We advise you to flush your radiator at your vehicle’s coolant service interval. You can find information on this in your vehicle handbook. You can also check your vehicle service record; if in doubt, drain and flush the system with water and replace the coolant with Prestone Coolant for the ultimate peace of mind.

Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair

Can I use Prestone Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair at home?

Yes, you can use Prestone Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair at home. While it’s mostly used by mechanics for heavy duty repairs, it is available for anyone to buy in specialist stockists like motor factors. It’s safe to use at home as it mixes with all coolants and can be used on all cars, just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and consult a professional mechanic about any ongoing problems.