I’m a mechanic, can I trust Prestone?

As a mechanic, we understand that you have many needs that come into play when you’re selecting coolant/antifreeze.

Sometimes using the wrong brand or mixing brands together can cause problems for the drivers, which obviously you want to avoid. However you also have limited space, and want to know that you’re putting a high quality product into your customer’s cars.

  • Engine technology has developed as a consequence of regulatory pressures to reduce vehicle’s impact on the environment:
  • Fuel economy,
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Carbon footprint
  • Engines have become lighter, vehicles are more fuel efficient and harmful chemicals are restricted for use (amines, nitrates, phosphates, borates, etc.)

Choosing a Coolant/Antifreeze

It’s Composition, not Colour, that’s important.

Getting it right:

  • Identifying the Vehicle
  • Identifying the correct coolant specification
  • Offering advice, such as coolant change intervals, capacities etc.
  • Selling the right product or size for the customers needs.

What is Prestone?

  • Prestone is the Number 1 Coolant/Antifreeze brand in North America.
  • Prestone was the first manufacturer to use ethylene glycol in coolants in 1927.
  • It is an O.E. product. Fitted at factories globally as first fill by leading manufacturers.
  • Suitable for all Makes and Models, it will mix safely with any coolant already in the system.
  • Meets and exceeds every national, international and manufacturer specification.
  • Guaranteed protection for 10 years. The best guarantee offered by any coolant manufacturer globally.

Prestone Compatibility

  • Other coolant manufacturers would have you believe that coolants cannot be mixed.
  • This may be true of other coolants using a range of additive packages.
  • Due to Prestone’s unique, patented additive package it can be mixed with ANY colour of coolant without causing damage.
  • Prestone Coolant does not change the colour or effectiveness of the coolant already in use.

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