Your De-Icer FAQs answered

Do you want to know more about Prestone De-Icer and how to use it effectively? You’re in the right place. Here, we’ve answered all the questions we’re asked about our high-performance car de-icer, so you can get the most from it when removing ice from your car.

What is De-Icer?

De-icer is used to remove ice and snow from your car’s windows. It’s a quick, easy, and safe way to melt ice from the windscreen, windows, and mirrors, ensuring all-round visibility without risk of damaging glass with home-made solutions like hot water.

At Prestone, we developed our De-Icer to be a cut above others on the market. Melting ice down to temperatures of -40°C, it’s a rapid solution that also prevents dangerous refreezing – helping you get on the road without spending ages removing ice and snow from your car.

Is De-icer Bad for Your Car?

Modern de-icers such as our Prestone De-Icer aren’t bad for your car when used properly. You can safely and effectively use the sprays and aerosols to remove ice without worrying that they’re causing damage, corrosion or any other issues.

That being said, it’s not advisable to use de-icer anywhere other than the car windows and glass areas. Avoid using your de-icer on a car’s interior because the chemicals can cause damage to fixtures and upholstery. We also strongly advise against using it in or around the engine bay since this could cause irreversible damage to the major components of the car.

Can De-icer Damage Your Paintwork?

Used correctly, a good quality de-icer won’t damage your car’s paintwork. The primary use of this product is to clear snow and ice from car windows, which means that it shouldn’t come into contact with the paintwork too often. However, modern de-icers like our Prestone Rapid De-Icer are non-corrosive which means they won’t affect the integrity of paint if they’re sprayed across a car’s surface. So you won’t need to worry that the de-icer will dull or damage your car’s paint job!

Does De-icer Go Out of Date?

Our aerosol and trigger de-icer products have a three year shelf-life as they are formulated with a combination of ingredients that are designed to be long-lasting. However, if they aren’t stored correctly, some de-icers can stop being as effective. It’s important to keep your de-icer below 50°C and make sure it’s kept away from heat, hot flames, hot surfaces and other chemicals. In addition, you should always check that you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions for use. If you notice damage or leakage, then it’s usually time to replace yours.

How Does Prestone De-Icer Work?

Prestone De-Icer rapidly melts ice and snow to leave your windscreen clear in a matter of minutes. It features a powerful formula that quickly melts even the most thick and stubborn ice, clearing your windscreen and windows without the need to use an ice scraper.

Removing ice and snow from your car can be a slow and frustrating process, especially when it’s dark and you just need to get to work. With Prestone De-Icer, you can speed up the process of clearing your car; just spray on, leave to work for a couple of minutes, before using your windscreen wipers to remove any loose ice, snow, and leftover residue.

Remember, it’s important to remove loose ice and snow from your car before you set off. A soft-bristled brush is a good way to remove powdery snow from the roof, bonnet, and doors.

How do I use Prestone De-Icer?

Prestone De-Icer is quick and easy to use. Available in both an aerosol and trigger spray, it can be applied directly to glass surfaces to rapidly melt ice and snow. Simply spray on where it’s needed, wait a couple of minutes for the product to work, before using the wipers or a soft-bristled brush to wipe away excess residue and loose snow.

What temperatures can I use Prestone De-Icer in?

Prestone De-Icer can be used in temperatures as low as -40°C, to ensure it performs in even the most extreme weather of the UK. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK was a freezing -27.2°C on 30 December 1995, so Prestone de-icer would still have been effective in getting cars moving! No de-icer works faster, meaning you can drive away quicker with Prestone.

Prestone products are put through their paces by our team to make sure that they deliver results in the most extreme conditions, so that you know they will perform for you every day. It is our mission to ensure that weather and other conditions never stop you from driving, which is why we make Prestone products that excel in extremes.

We hope this answers your biggest questions about storing and using our de-icer, including what temperatures it can be used in and how it works. Click to learn more about our Prestone Rapid Aerosol De-Icer and Rapid De-Icer with trigger, and discover the full extent of our high-performance car maintenance product range here.