Meet the Team

Meet some of the team that work for Holts and find out, first-hand what it’s like to work for Holts and what they enjoy most about their role.

Linda Spark, Materials and Planning Manager


“My job is the management of the materials and planning department along with the warehouse department.  It involves planning products that are required for manufacture in accordance with the sales forecast and on time for customer orders. I have to ensure that we have all materials arriving on time for the production plan to avoid any downtime, the stock control of all stock on site and off site locations and the reporting of inventory, E&O and run out plans.  My role also covers the safe working of the warehouse and storing of materials, for example making sure that we have space to receive the raw material packaging and also for the tankers which visit us.
A typical day involves daily on site meetings covering safety, quality, production, raw material shortages.  I co-ordinate direct deliveries from Newquay to our customers, who include Tesco and Costco.

What’s been your career path with Holts?

I started working at the Newquay site in October 1990 on a Youth Training Scheme not expecting to be there much longer than to carry out my training – this was while we were named Spectra Automotive and owned by Burmah Castrol which then went through a name change to Simoniz International. After a period of time a position came up to do scheduling, which I seemed to settle into.  In 1997 we were sold to Holt Lloyd International and during this transition many functions were made redundant leaving just the operations functions. Since then many other changes have taken place in terms of ownership etc and as time went on I became promoted to Materials Supervisor and then Manager.

What do you enjoy most about working for Holts?

At the Newquay plant we have been faced with many challenges and changes which we have faced together. We have worked together for many years which has built a great team of people to work with, we continue to improve and everyday has a challenge of some sort which makes it interesting, there’s never a dull moment….

Linda Spark, Materials & Planning, Newquay.

Phil Carruthers, Chemist

Phil Carruthers, Holts

My job involves the development and testing of current and future products. I am responsible for Valeting (shampoo, wax, wheel cleaners, tyre and interior products) and our paint range. As a part of the production of current products, it is also my responsibility to support the manufacturing plant with any problems that may arise. Alongside the development of products, I am also responsible for the handling of any Technical queries or concerns regarding our products.

What’s been your career path with Holts?

I joined the business in June 2012. I only had charge of the Valeting side initially and took the paints on last year. The R&D department is a very knowledgeable team and was easy to fit into.

What do you enjoy most about working for Holts?

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is the variety of products that I am able to work on and seeing the difference their application can make. Being able to work on cars every day is a huge plus point to the role as well as the great team we have.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist, Manchester.

Des O’Connor, Sales Director – Ireland

Des O'Connor Holts

“I’m Sales Director for the whole of Ireland, both North and South. I spend my days meeting with customers and people in the industry – buyers and motor factor owners, as well as managing a team of Sales Representatives.

What’s been your career path with Holts?

I studied mechanical engineering at Letterkenny IT in Donegal. I’ve always been a petrolhead, and a when I was younger I hand-built a 1976 Toyota Celica which was my pride and joy. These kind of projects bought me into contact with Holts products. I spent a lot so much time going into motor factors at the time that I was offered a job. I joined Holts in 1987 and worked my way up through the sales team to Sales Director.

What do you enjoy most about working for Holts?

I love the trade and meeting people all over the country. I’ve witnessed many changes over 28 years, when I started in the 80s Ireland was in the throes of a major recession. Today the maintenance and repair sector is on the increase, with a rise in many of our leading products. Good motor factors are doing well. My love affair with cars goes back many years – I still have a photo of my Celica on my wall – so working in the trade is the ideal job for me.”

Des O’Connor, Sales Director, Ireland.

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