Holts Research and Development Team

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Research and Development Team

At Holt Lloyd, we’re proud that our products are developed, tested and manufactured here in the UK. We have a lab in Manchester where our highly skilled and experienced Research and Development team make sure each of our products performs for you on the road.

Products are then manufactured at our dedicated facility in Newquay, ready to be shipped across the UK and the world.

Meet the Research and Development Team behind Holts Products

Our Research and Development team work at a lab in Manchester by our head office, so we can work closely together to develop our products.

The team is comprised of: Richard Hitchman, Product Development Manager, David Paylor, Regulatory Specialist, Phil Carruthers Research and Development Chemist, Dan Brearley Research and Development Chemist and Qaswar Naqvi Research and Development Chemist.

Richard Hitchman, Product and Development Manager

“Working at Holts allows me to engage with the whole product development process; from idea conception, through formulation and packaging developments, to final production, which keeps my workload very varied and interesting.

In my spare time I enjoy fixing the cars of my friends, family and colleagues, as well as my own. I’m currently keeping three old, high mileage cars on the road and often get the opportunity to combine this with hobby with projects at work.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist

“I enjoy working in R&D due to the variety of products we work on, I get to combine my interest in cars with my job and each day is different from the last.

Not to mention that it’s always good to see something you developed on a shelf.”