Holts Manufacturing

Made in Newquay, Shipped Across the World

Holt Lloyd products are sold across the world, but we’re proud that they’re manufactured here in the UK. Our manufacturing facility in Newquay, Cornwall, produces products for all 4 of our brands to be shipped around the globe.

As a UK brand since 1919, it’s important to us that we retain this British heritage. By making products here, we not only ensure we’re part of the UK manufacturing industry, we also employ local staff throughout the supply chain.

24 Hour Production

The factory runs multiple production lines to manufacture different kinds of products throughout the year, from aerosols to paints to fuel additives. All products are tested at the on-site facilities to ensure quality, and the plant operates 24 hours a day to keep the products rolling off the line and into stores.


Meet the Newquay Team

There are 45 permanent members of staff at the factory and many other contract workers, who perform a variety of roles such as operating production lines, mixing products, quality and safety, admin and logistics.


Jonathan Pascoe: Process Supervisor at Newquay


Jon Pascoe

“My job is to produce products to plan, test them to meet the QC standards set by the technical department, and to provide the filling lines with quality product on time.

I’ve been with the company over 40yrs!

Best thing about working at Holts is the working environment as like life in general is made all the better by having good people around you.

 I have a great team of guys to work with; my working life would be far more difficult without their commitment, knowledge and hard work.”

ISO Certificates and Policy Documents