Most car puncture repair kits have various parts – often an air compressor and a separate sealant, or perhaps tools to help you repair the puncture.

Tyreweld is an all-in-one solution, as it uses a pressurised can full of a foam that seals and reinflates the tyre at the same time. All you do is attach the can to the wheel through the valve, remove the safety cap, and twist the trigger to release the liquid into the tyre.

Tyreweld is designed to repair punctures in the tyre tread. If your tyre has a damaged or ripped sidewall or has come off the rim it will need to be inspected by a mechanic and most likely replaced.

Using Holts Tyreweld means a sealed and reinflated tyre in approximately two minutes. When the can is empty, you can drive immediately for up to 100 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph.

Although Holts Tyreweld provides a safe and reliable fix at the roadside, car puncture repair kits aren’t a permanent solution. They’re designed for emergency use, so you can reach your destination or the nearest garage without spending ages fitting a spare or calling your breakdown provider.

Once you’re back on the road, we recommend getting the tyre fixed or replaced by a professional. One of the best things about Holts Tyreweld is that it can be washed out of a tyre after use, so it can be repaired. Not all car puncture repair kits can guarantee this.