About Holts Brake Cleaner

Holts Brake Cleaner is one of our most popular professional products which can be used in the garage or for home repairs.

It’s a powerful cleaner and degreaser which can be used on a huge range of metal parts and surfaces including brakes and clutches to remove brake dust, pad residue, grease, dirt and oily deposits.

Brake Cleaner cleans faster and with less product than competitors, giving you great value for your money.

  • Degreases
  • Fast acting and fast drying
  • Powerful solvent formula
  • 360° spray action to access hard to reach areas quickly.

What the experts say…

Jonathan Fry Headshot2“I tried Holts Brake Cleaner in every conceivable position and it worked every time until the can was empty. Access to components in modern vehicles is difficult. Being able to get my hand and a can of Holts Brake Cleaner to exactly where I need at whatever angle I can achieve is imperative and it works every time.”

Jonathan Fry, Professional Mechanic, Jonathan Fry Automotive

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