About Holts Concentrated Screen Wash

Dirt, traffic film, insects and bird deposits can impair the view through your windscreen and cause glare from strong sunlight or oncoming headlights at night, which can be dangerous.

Make sure your windscreen is clean and clear all year round.

Holts Concentrated Screen Wash quickly removes the dirt that builds up while you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear.

Dilute the screen wash with water to your needs, and use it in all seasons.

At Holts our aim is to solve your car problems, including poor visibility, and our screen wash has everything you need to get a clear view of the road.

  • High visibility, no streak formula
  • Intensive cleaning – Quickly removes stubborn dirt and traffic film
  • Melts ice and can be used all year round

Ensure your windscreen is clean all year with Holts Concentrated Screen Wash.

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