What is Engine & Parts Degreaser?

The Holts Professional range can be used for vehicle maintenance and jobs around the home, offering you professional quality products for all your DIY needs. For cleaning engines or car parts, you need a powerful degreaser to remove oil, tar, grease and dirt. Holts Engine & Parts Degreaser works quickly to clean a range of metal and plastic surfaces, without causing damage. It even sprays upside down for difficult to reach areas such as the engine bay and chassis. Just spray and work into the dirt, rinse and leave to dry for professional results.

  • Cleans metals, plastics and more
  • Rinse off
  • Fast acting, powerful formula
  • 360° spray action allows it to spray in all directions

Engine and parts covered in thick oil, grease and dirt? Problem solved with Holts Professional Engine & Parts Degreaser!

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