We’re celebrating 100 years of Holts!

Your car’s changed a lot over the last century, but we’ve still got the solutions to your problems. Douglas Holt first started developing problems to keep his own car running, and 100 years later we’re still working hard to keep your car on the road, getting rid of those clunks, leaks and squeaks.

Here’s to another hundred years!


Our Story

Holts quite simply solves problems! That is what we do! From flat tyres to leaking radiators and seized brakes, we help professionals get the job done. Developed with our customers in mind, Holts products can be relied upon to deal with car care challenges. Our market leading products like Tyreweld, Radweld and Gun Gum, have over the years become well known and recommended by industry professionals. Why? Because they work and have enjoyed a successful track record of performing as promised!


Holts has been manufacturing car care products since 1919. They are now a global leader, supplying superior performing appearance, repair, maintenance and winter products to the automotive aftermarket and solving the problems drivers face every day.

1919 – During the war, Douglas Holt spent time working for Austin Motor Company where he learnt about motor cars and mechanics. After the war, keen to use his knowledge and earn his own money, he opened a small shop selling car parts.


Early cars experienced many problems as people got used to the technology. Many cars suffered cracked cylinder heads due to people not using anti-freeze, leading to leaks. To solve this problem, Douglas Holt launched Wondarweld to allow people to seal leaks in their cars easily. Wondarweld is still sold today.


Holt continued to innovate, and new products were created thanks to problems with his own car. Gun Gum was one such product, invented after Holt’s own exhaust needed repairing. Gun Gum is one of Holts’ most successful products, still available today.


Holts launched many new products in this decade to help drivers look after their cars. The company’s growing reputation and popularity meant that new products were immediately taken up by distributors including Halfords. This presence in retailers has lasted to the present day.


Holt acquired Romac Ind Ltd who made tyre repair and motor repair accessories. They went on to launch the successful safety belt buckle. Tyreweld, an emergency puncture repair product, is still sold today.


This year saw the launch of Bradex, another solution to a frustrating problem for drivers. Bradex is used when your car won’t start, to get you on the road. This useful product is still available today as Bradex Easy Start.


Always solving problems, in 2018 we launched our Headlight Restoration Kit, a quick and easy to use kit which removes scratches and oxidation for clearer, brighter headlights.


This year we are the Official Repair and Maintenance Partner for Wigan Warriors. We’re working with the medical team as they look after the rugby players, bandage them up and get them back on the pitch. Check out our page for updates.