Holts Speedflush

Your Speedflush FAQs Answered

Holts Speedflush is a unique product that clears dirt, scale, and deposits from vehicle cooling systems. If your car has been suffering from overheating problems, Speedflush can help to remove harmful deposits that reduce the efficacy of coolant/antifreeze in the cooling system. Using Holts Speedflush is easy, as it’s designed to be used while flushing
Holts Screenies Car Glass Wipes 40 Pack

Your Screenies FAQs Answered

Have a question about Holts Screenies? It may be answered here. Our fast-cleaning interior and exterior glass wipes can be used for a variety of applications, safely removing stubborn dirt and deposits from internal and external surfaces. Learn more about the applications of Holts Screenies, and how to use them, below. Will screen wipes affect
Holts Radweld in Use

Where do I add Radweld to my car?

Add Radweld directly into the expansion tank. Make sure the car is cool before you unscrew the cap and top up with coolant antifreeze following the instructions in the vehicle owner’s manual.

Wondarweld Leak Repair

Where do I add Wondarweld to my car?

You pour Wondarweld into the cylinder head outlet. Never pour Wondarweld into oil. Before using Wondarweld, there are important steps that you should take. You need to empty and flush the entire cooling system with plenty of water. Then remove the top hose from the cylinder head outlet and the thermostat. Replace these after you’ve added Wondarweld.