Gun Gum Paste

Your Gun Gum FAQs Answered

Is your exhaust making an unusual noise? Chances are, there’s a hole in it. The good news is, fixing an exhaust is no longer the expense it once was, with the Holts Gun Gum exhaust repair solution allowing you to fix small holes and cracks without the need for a full exhaust replacement. If you
Holts, Gun Gum Narrow Metal Repair Bandage

Which Gun Gum product should I use?

The Gun Gum range includes the Gun Gum Paste and a range of bandage accessories which, when used together, can fix holes across your exhaust system. We have a helpful guide so that you can choose the right product for your problem.

Holts Gun Gum exhaust System Repair Paste

Is Gun Gum safe?

Gun Gum paste is safe to use on your exhaust, once it’s hardened the seal is gas tight and solid. You should use gloves when applying it though and avoid contact with skin.

man with car exhaust

Can I use Gun Gum before an MOT?

Yes. Gun Gum is extremely quick and easy to use and in most cases provides a permanent repair to help you get your vehicle through its MOT test.

man with car exhaust

What should I use to apply Gun Gum to my car?

You should use a spatula to apply Gun Gum, and make sure you wear gloves. You can apply it using your fingers if needed (this can sometimes help in hard to reach areas), but always wear gloves for this.