How does Bradex Easy Start work?

Bradex Easy Start helps engines start by increasing the combustibility of the fuel and the air mixture within the engine. This can help ensure the fuel ignites when the ignition key is turned – getting your vehicle started and back on the road.

To use Bradex Easy Start simply spray the formula into the air intake of the engine whenever your car has problems starting. The treated fuel and air mixture should combine and help the engine to start. It works in petrol or diesel engines, as well as engines in motorhomes, boats, leisure and sports vehicles, agricultural machines and lawnmowers.

Bradex Easy Start can be used multiple times without damaging your engine or having any long term effects – ideal for engines that regularly struggle start in the morning or are particularly temperamental in cold weather.

For more information on using Bradex Easy Start or other ways to fix your car in an emergency, read our blog and Help and Advice pages.


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