What should I do after I've used Tyreweld?

After you’ve used Tyreweld to repair and reinflate your tyre, we recommend you get back on the road immediately and drive for approximately 6 miles. This will give the Tyreweld foam enough time to circulate throughout the whole tyre and find any punctures and seal them.

Driving after using Tyreweld is perfectly safe – Tyreweld’s been designed to get you home and to a garage at your earliest convenience, so you can have your tyre inspected by a professional mechanic. It’s a water based foam which doesn’t damage your tyres, and can be washed out easily by the mechanic so that they can repair the puncture permanently.

You can find lots of information about using Tyreweld, including videos and advice, across our website, so that you can have peace of mind when you’re driving that a puncture won’t ruin your day.

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