How often can I use Bradex Easy Start?

You can use Bradex Easy Start whenever your engine needs an extra boost to get it started. Whether your car has difficulty starting on a regular or intermittent basis, you can use Bradex Easy Start regularly without damaging the engine. We’ve developed this professional formula with an upper cylinder lubricant to protect your engine and quickly get you back on the road.

Bradex Easy Start works on all engine types, both mobile and stationary, from large agricultural machines to lawn mowers and everything in between. Bradex Easy Start works on both petrol and diesel engines including boats. There are no long term effects to using Bradex Easy Start, it just adds extra combustibility to help you get moving.

You can read more about Bradex Easy Start and our other emergency car maintenance products here, and if you have any more questions our blog and Help and Advice sections are full of tips.

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