If I use Gun Gum will I have to replace my exhaust later?

Gun Gum is a permanent solution for fixing cracks and holes in the exhaust – meaning it will last for the entire life of your exhaust. You can man with car exhaustuse Gun Gum knowing that you won’t need to carry out any further repairs to the damaged area (unless your exhaust suffers more serious damage further down the line).

Gun Gum creates a gas tight seal which will not deteriorate over time and is MOT approved, so that you can use it at home to save money on costly exhaust repairs or replacement parts. The Gun Gum range includes paste, bandages and wraps so that you can fix a range of different problems with and they’re all easy to use without specialist tools or experience.

You can view the full range of products here, and read more advice about how to safely repair your exhaust at home on our blog.

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