Will Radweld block the channels in my radiator?

No, Radweld has been developed to ensure that it never blocks the channels in a car’s radiators. Using decades of experience and a thorough
research and testing process, the skilled team at Holts have produced a formula which will seek out and repair leaks in the radiator without clogging up the channels or causing damage.

Our dedicated product development team have specialist car knowledge and work hard to make sure each of products performs for you on the road. You can meet the team and read more about them here. We also develop products which are used and trusted by mechanics, so you can be confident that Holts gives you professional quality.

Radweld has been tested and endorsed by mechanics, and you can read some of their comments here.

Radweld was one of Holts’ original products and has been trusted by motorists for decades. With our expert team constantly testing and improving our products in line with automotive developments, you can be sure that Radweld will perform as promised without damaging your car.

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