Your Bradex Easy Start FAQs Answered

Does your car struggle to start on cold mornings? Maybe it misses a beat here and there even in warm, dry conditions?

If your engine is prone to stalling when you turn the key, Bradex Easy Start could be the solution. Improving the combustibility of the fuel-air mix entering the engine, it can get your car started when a flat battery isn’t to blame for ignition problems.

Learn more about Bradex Easy Start and how to use it in our FAQs below.

How does engine starter fluid work?

Engine starter fluids, such as Bradex Easy Start, help to get your car started by increasing the combustibility of the fuel and air mixture within the engine. This can help ensure the fuel ignites when the ignition key is turned, getting your vehicle started and back on the road.

When sprayed directly into an engine’s air intake, Bradex Easy Start makes the fuel-air mix burn more efficiently in the combustion chamber, helping it ignite. It also contains a small quantity of engine oil, lubricating moving parts to prevent premature wear.

Take a look at our video below for a step-by-step guide to using Bradex Easy Start.

How do I use Bradex Easy Start to start a car?

To use Bradex Easy Start, simply spray the formula into the air intake of the engine whenever your car has problems starting. The treated fuel and air mixture should combine and help the engine to start.

You’ll find the air intake at the very front of your car, directly beneath the bonnet. Spray Bradex Easy Start into the intake housing for a few seconds and then immediately try the ignition.

Bradex Easy Start works in petrol or diesel engines, as well as engines in motorhomes, boats, leisure and sports vehicles, agricultural machines, and lawnmowers.

Will engine starter fluid damage my engine?

No, Bradex Easy Start won’t damage your car’s engine. It’s proven to start petrol and diesel engines fast with no damaging effect and can be safely used in all conditions.

You can use Bradex Easy Start whenever you need it to get your engine started. However, if you do encounter persistent engine problems, we’d recommend taking your car to a professional mechanic to check for underlying problems.

Whenever and wherever you use it, Bradex Easy Start will get your car moving with no long-term side effects. And it isn’t just cars; you can use Bradex Easy Start on any combustion engine, whether that’s a lawnmower or quad bike.

What is in engine starter fluid?

Bradex Easy Start is a low flashpoint formula that increases the quality of fuel/ air mixture during freezing temperatures, this results in improved ignition quality making it easier for your car to start. Our formula contains a complex mixture of ingredients to help lubricate the upper cylinder to reduce friction and wear and aid future starts.

Can I use Bradex Easy Start in a diesel engine?

Yes, if you have a diesel engine that’s struggling to start, Bradex Easy Start can help you get back on the road. We have a Research & Development team based here in the UK testing all our products to make sure they can be relied upon to solve your problems. Bradex Easy Start can be used on both mobile and stationary engines, such as generators.

Can I use Bradex Easy Start in a petrol engine?

Yes, you can use Bradex Easy Start in a petrol engine. Bradex Easy Start has been developed and tested by Holts’ team of scientists here in the UK to be used on any engine which is struggling to start.

How often can I use Bradex Easy Start?

You can use Bradex Easy Start whenever your engine needs an extra boost to get it started. Whether your car has difficulty starting on a regular or intermittent basis, you can use Bradex Easy Start regularly without damaging the engine. We’ve developed this professional formula with an upper cylinder lubricant to protect your engine and quickly get you back on the road.

You can read more about Bradex Easy Start and our other emergency car maintenance products here. For more guidance and support, visit our blog or help and advice pages.