Your Exhaust Putty FAQs Answered

The Holts Gun Gum range is trusted by professionals and DIYers alike as one of the best exhaust repair systems on the market. If you’re looking for advice on how to get the best results when using Holts Gun Gum Exhaust Paste, our FAQs provide some useful tips and insights.

What is exhaust putty?

Holts Gun Gum Exhaust Paste is a repair putty that provides a flexible, permanent way to repair a car exhaust. Used with the Gun Gum Exhaust Repair system, the putty adheres to both the exhaust material and the repair bandage, forming a gas-tight seal that hardens as it dries to provide a durable, permanent repair.

Gun Gum Paste has been extensively tested in the lab and on the road to ensure it works in all conditions. Heat and moisture resistant, the putty makes it easy to fix small holes and cracks on an exhaust system without the need for an expensive full repair or replacement parts.

How do I use exhaust putty?

Using Holts Exhaust Repair Paste is easy. The tub comes with an application spatula to make it easy to apply the putty exactly where you need it.

Ready to use right out of the tub; apply half of the Gun Gum Paste to the area you want to repair, before attaching a suitable Gun Gum Repair Bandage. When the bandage is in place, apply the rest of the putty over the entire area, particularly over the joins where the bandage meets the exhaust.

Drying times vary depending on the conditions, but you can also run the engine to help speed up the time it takes for the putty to harden. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a solid, permanent repair that guarantees no leaks.

Is exhaust putty safe to use?

Our exhaust repair putty is safe to use on most cars and exhaust materials. It can be applied to all areas of an exhaust, including straight and curved pipe and box assemblies, and its heat resistance means it will continue to work as normal even when the exhaust gets hot.

When using Holts Gun Gum Repair Paste, we’d recommend wearing rubber or work gloves, while also using the spatula provided in the tub. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure the exhaust is completely cool before undertaking any repairs.

Can I use exhaust putty on any car?

Yes, the entire Holts Gun Gum range is designed to be safe to use with most makes and models. The product is safe and effective to use on all exhaust materials.

Is exhaust putty a permanent repair?

Yes – when used with the suitable Gun Gum Repair Bandage. Our exhaust repair paste acts as a durable glue that affixes the repair accessory in place, providing a gas-tight seal. We would always recommend using the putty with the right repair bandage to guarantee the best results and a permanent repair.

Does exhaust putty work?

Gun Gum Repair Paste works when used to fix small holes and cracks in an exhaust system. You must use the right Gun Gum Repair Bandage with the putty to ensure a permanent repair.

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