Your Speedflush FAQs Answered

Holts Speedflush is a unique product that clears dirt, scale, and deposits from vehicle cooling systems. If your car has been suffering from overheating problems, Speedflush can help to remove harmful deposits that reduce the efficacy of coolant/antifreeze in the cooling system.

Using Holts Speedflush is easy, as it’s designed to be used while flushing the cooling system. You can learn more about how Holts Speedflush works and how to use it in our useful product FAQs below.

How do I use Speedflush to clean my radiator?

Holts Speedflush should be used when flushing your car’s cooling system in between doses of coolant/antifreeze. Here’s how to use it…

  1. Drain your car’s cooling system of old coolant/antifreeze. If you’re not sure how to do this, read this useful guide from our partner brand Prestone.
  2. Replace the radiator drain plug and half refill the system with water. Then, pour in Holts Speedflush and top up to the normal level with water.
  3. Run engine at fast idle for 10 minutes at full working temperature.
  4. Drain radiator when cold, flush and refill with coolant.
  5. For vehicles where heater cannot be drained, refill with water, run the engine with the heater on hot until the engine has warmed up, drain and refill with coolant.

Does Speedflush work?

Yes, Holts Speedflush is an effective way to clean your car’s cooling system, including the hoses, channels, and radiator. The product contains specialist cleaning agents that remove scale, deposits, and rust from the cooling system without causing blockages or damage, making it a much more effective way to flush the cooling system than using water alone.

Does Speedflush work to clean my radiator?

Holts Speedflush powers through the complete cooling system, including the radiator. Lifting deposits and scale, it flushes particles and corrosion out of the radiator, meaning no more blocked channels and maximum cooling system efficiency.

Is Speedflush a permanent repair?

Holts Speedflush should be used whenever you need to flush your car’s cooling system. So, the intervals at which you need to apply the product will depend on the quoted lifespan of your coolant/antifreeze.

High-quality coolant/antifreeze typically lasts for 10 years before it needs changing. However, cheaper, less premium fluids may need changing more frequently, potentially every 3-5 years.

Whenever you remove old coolant/antifreeze from your car, use Holts Speedflush to clean the cooling system before you add fresh coolant. Removing deposits and restoring performance, it ensures maximum efficiency for the fresh coolant/antifreeze in the system.

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