Your Tyreweld FAQs Answered

Do you have a question about Holts Tyreweld or want to find out more about how our emergency puncture repair kit works and how to use it? Whatever your question is, you’ll find everything you need to know about Holts Tyreweld right here.

What is a car puncture repair kit?

A car puncture repair kit is a DIY tool you can use to fix a flat tyre at the roadside. Holts Tyreweld is one of the most popular puncture repair products on the market, helping you fix a flat and get back on the road in under five minutes.

The idea behind an emergency tyre repair kit is that you don’t need to replace the tyre at the side of the road – in a lot of situations this just isn’t safe, and many people struggle to do it. On top of that, many newer cars these days don’t even have spare tyres.

How does a car puncture repair kit work?

Most car puncture repair kits have various parts – often an air compressor and a separate sealant, or perhaps tools to help you repair the puncture.

Tyreweld is an all-in-one solution, as it uses a pressurised can full of a foam that seals and reinflates the tyre at the same time. All you do is attach the can to the wheel through the valve, remove the safety cap, and twist the trigger to release the liquid into the tyre.

Tyreweld is designed to repair punctures in the tyre tread. If your tyre has a damaged or ripped sidewall or has come off the rim it will need to be inspected by a mechanic and most likely replaced.

Using Holts Tyreweld means a sealed and reinflated tyre in approximately two minutes. When the can is empty, you can drive immediately for up to 100 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph.

Although Holts Tyreweld provides a safe and reliable fix at the roadside, car puncture repair kits aren’t a permanent solution. They’re designed for emergency use, so you can reach your destination or the nearest garage without spending ages fitting a spare or calling your breakdown provider.

Once you’re back on the road, we recommend getting the tyre fixed or replaced by a professional. One of the best things about Holts Tyreweld is that it can be washed out of a tyre after use, so it can be repaired. Not all car puncture repair kits can guarantee this.

Is a car puncture repair kit legal?

Yes, car puncture repair kits are legal and safe to use in emergencies. Remember though, products like Holts Tyreweld should only be used to get you to your destination and are not a permanent solution.

After a puncture, we’d always recommend getting the tyre fixed or replaced by a professional.

Is a car puncture repair permanent? / Is Tyreweld a permanent repair?

No, most car puncture repair kits including Tyreweld, don’t offer a permanent long-term repair. They should be used as a temporary fix to get you where you’re going. A tyre filled with Tyreweld can be used for up to 100 miles.

When a tyre suffers a puncture, a professional should check its safety and integrity. Products such as Tyreweld are not designed to offer a long-term repair that provides guaranteed safety for the life of the tyre.

Will I need to replace a repaired tyre?

After using Tyreweld to mend a puncture at the roadside, we’d always recommend taking your car to a garage or tyre fitter as soon as possible. They will decide if the tyre can be repaired or if it needs replacing.

Because Holts Tyreweld contains a non-toxic formula that can be washed out of the inside of tyres, there’s no reason why a tyre can’t be repaired rather than replaced. This isn’t the case with all puncture repair kits, where a new tyre is needed because the product doesn’t wash out.

Does Tyreweld work to mend a puncture?

Holts Tyreweld offers reliable car puncture repairs in emergencies. With no jack or tools required, it’s a convenient way to get back on the move when a flat tyre has left you stranded at the roadside.

Tyreweld works on a range of small punctures, sealing and reinflating the tyre in around two minutes. Tyreweld will not work on tyres that have come off the rim or have a punctured/ripped sidewall.

After using Holts Tyreweld, always have the tyre professionally repaired or replaced. Our emergency puncture repair kit is a get-you-home solution and is safe to drive on for up to 100 miles.

Can I use Tyreweld with run flat tyres?

Like all temporary emergency tyre repair products, Holts Tyreweld should not be used on run flat tyres. If your run flat tyre suffers a puncture, we advise you to take it to a professional mechanic for an immediate assessment. This is the best way to ensure your tyre is safe, legal, and roadworthy.

Run flats are designed to work without additional inflation if they get a puncture, and the first indication that they’re damaged is usually from your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). As the name suggests, run flat tyres are designed to operate at low speeds for a limited time following a puncture. This enables you to drive safely to a garage so that a professional can inspect the tyre and replace it if necessary.

For other types of tyres, including motorbikes, caravans and trailers, Holts Tyreweld gives you peace of mind that you can get safely back on the road in minutes after a puncture.

Is Tyreweld safe to use with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems?

Yes, using Tyreweld to repair and reinflate your tyre will not affect the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

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