Pro – Holts Brake Cleaner – Clean brakes in no time

Holts Brake CleanerBruce Ellis, global technical director at Holt Lloyd International, talks about the importance of ensuring brake pads and discs are clean throughout the winter months:
“Brake maintenance forms an essential part of any MOT test or service. The replacement of brake pads and discs is one of the most frequently carried out repairs in the workshop, so it is essential that mechanics can get the job done quickly and cost effectively.



Ensuring brake discs and pads are in good condition is particularly relevant during severe winter months when conditions are far wetter and brake pads are more likely to collect dirt and debris from the roads.
“On most makes of car, the front discs and pads will do most of the braking, so any surface rust is simply cleaned off by the motion. It is only when they become too thin, through general wear and tear, that they can cause a potential safety hazard and need to be replaced. In comparison, the rear brake pads and discs do much less of the braking and therefore the build up of rust and likelihood of corrosion is much more significant,
especially if the vehicle is not used on a regular basis.
“There is no specific science in regards to the expected wear of parts such as brake pads. Factors such as the type of vehicle, how it is used and of course, driving style, will affect how long brake pads last. Some will work effectively up to 70,000 miles, whilst others may need replacing after 25,000 miles.
“General build up of elements such as dirt, grease, and grime, can also work together to significantly affect the brakes’ performance. To ensure the longevity of brakes it is crucial to keep up maintenance – this starts with making sure they are thoroughly cleaned.


“Holts Brake cleaner combats any build up with a combination of a powerful cleaning action and quick dry formula. Working on the most stubborn of brake parts, the high pressure aerosol 70psi (5 bars) acts as a powerful degreaser to quickly remove all types of brake dust, oil, grease, silicone and dirty deposits. It is also extremely effective in eliminating pad or lining residue and restoring optimum braking system performance.
“Our brake cleaner dries extremely quickly minimising the time spent on carrying out brake disc and pad changes. One 600ml spray can will treat up to two cars or eight brake assemblies and unlike many other brake cleaners on the market it offers a 360° ball valve to allow the product to be used upside down in order to clean those hard to reach areas.”