Extreme Driving: Are These the World’s Coolest Car Stunts?

There’s something deeply exhilarating about car stunts. Whether it’s the sound of an engine at 4,000rpm, the smell of burning rubber on tarmac, or the idea that anything could happen— extreme stunts behind the wheel will never fail to entertain.

Sadly, blockbuster films rely on CGI to create most car stunts these days, taking some of the realism out of the on-screen action. However, there are still plenty of drivers out there willing to push it to the red line in the name of extreme driving — so us adrenaline junkies can still get our fix.

To celebrate the courageous drivers who put their lives on the line in the name of motoring entertainment, here we look at some of the world’s coolest car stunts, starting with the most extreme driving feats performed right here in the UK.

The UK’s Craziest Car Stunts

The UK’s motoring network is one of the safest in the world, but that doesn’t mean us drivers don’t like to let our hair down with some crazy driving antics every now and again.


Doughnuts, drifting and a course littered with dangerous obstacles — welcome to the world of gymkhana, an exhilarating new motorsport made famous in the US. The objective of a gymkhana race is to finish the course in as quick a time as possible, whilst showing off your extreme driving skills. Drifting and wheel spins are encouraged, so if you plan on attending an event, make sure you take some earplugs and get ready for the constant whiff of burning rubber.


One of the masters of gymkhana is Ken Block, a professional rally driver turned stunt driving expert. Block has found fame across the globe for his insane driving feats, which include flying through the streets of San Francisco (shown below) and doing doughnuts around the cenotaph in London for BBC Top Gear. In this video, Block can be seen negotiating the nation’s capital in his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan RTR, which produces over 1,400bhp thanks to its twin turbo-charged V8 engine. Bet the locals were pleased.


Here’s another example of gymkhana in action, but with a slight twist. This clip shows a rally-going Ford Fiesta being driven at lightning speed around London’s Olympic Park Stadium, with the driver picking their way expertly around a tight gymkhana circuit. The twist? The audience is positioned inside the track itself, separated from the speeding vehicle by no more than a crash barrier. The driver pulls off a number of doughnuts around the audience, adding a sense of danger to this brilliant piece of stunt driving.


The Rest of the World 

It isn’t just the UK where you find extreme driving fans. Across the world, competitive drivers are forever engaged in one-upmanship with other drivers, discovering who can pull off the most impressive stunts. So, here we look at some of the most impressive extreme driving stunts from the rest of the world.


Remember we mentioned Ken Block’s amazing San Francisco car stunt? Well here it is! We have no idea how Block managed to swing it so the streets of San Francisco were closed off just for him, but the result is pretty impressive. With its famously hilly streets, San Francisco is the perfect place for Block to show off his motoring skills, with the driver managing to get airborne many times during the stunt — and what a backdrop.


We know, Ken Block again. But he really is the master of extreme driving stunts. This time, Block’s driving his Ford Focus RS RX, but this is no ordinary family hatchback. The RS RX has a 600bhp, turbo-charged engine capable of 0-60mph in just two seconds — that’s faster than a Lamborghini Gallardo. And Block certainly puts all 600 horses to good use, whipping around the circuit and pulling off some of the most daring stunts we’ve ever seen.


We thought stunt driving couldn’t get any more impressive, until we saw this video, in which a supercharged Ford Fiesta goes up against some of the world’s most exotic supercars in the ultimate inner-city gymkhana event. This video really is a visual feast for car stunt fans, featuring everything from doughnuts, wheel spins and near-misses, to Bugatti Veyrons, Ferraris and low-flying helicopters.

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