What’s the Most Extreme Driving Experience in the World?

If you could drive any vehicle on any terrain, what would it be? A Ferrari at Silverstone? An Ariel Nomad on a mountain? Or a tank on a secret WW2 training ground?


Whatever your dream driving experience, we’re here to tell you about the most extreme driving experiences in the world — from ice rallying in Finland to extreme dodgems right here in the UK.


JCB Digger Racing

Head to Kent, and racing enthusiasts can show off their competitive streak, not in a 180mph Aston Martin or Ferrari — but a 25mph, 20-tonne JCB digger. While this might not sound like the most exhilarating racing experience; the bone-shaking ride and obstacle strewn track makes digger racing one of the most adrenaline-pumping driving experiences out there. Pit your digger driving abilities against family and friends, and you’re guaranteed an incredible time.


Tank Battle Paintballing


You heard right. Tank Battle Paintballing lets you take the wheel of a FV432 tank and head into battle alongside two of your mates. Armed with 15 tonnes of British Army hardware, as well as an enormous 40mm cannon, you’ll negotiate a World War 2 bombing range and take on an enemy vehicle using the power of paintballs. Requiring expert driving skill and plenty of teamwork, this could be the most extreme weekend experience available.


Ice Driving in Finland 

Ice Driving

Leave it to the Finns to invent an extreme driving experience that’s both incredibly dangerous and massive fun at the same time. Head north this winter, and you can take part in ice driving — a perilous driving experience that sees motorists get behind the wheel of a powerful sports car for a few laps on top of a frozen lake. With a single metre of snow and ice between you and the icy depths, this isn’t a driving experience for the faint-hearted.


Extreme Dodgems for Adults-Only 

What do you get when you put several strangers behind the wheel of an armoured stock-car and let them loose on an off-road racetrack? The result is Extreme Dodgems, a track-day experience with little in the way of safety regulations. During an intense eight lap race, you’ll be rammed and bashed by your fellow racers as you battle it out to see who can bring their dodgem home in first place. For the track-day enthusiast, it doesn’t come more extreme than this.


Stunt Driving Experience

Stunt Driving

Learn to drive like James Bond (or at least his stunt double) with an ultimate stunt driving experience. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you’ll discover what it takes to push a car to the red line over a series of stunt driving challenges — from pulling off the perfect u-turn to parallel parking like a pro. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll mount a ramp and learn to control the car on two wheels — handy for the next time you’re stuck in a supermarket car park.


Juggernaut Driving


If you’ve driven enough sports cars and 4x4s to last a lifetime, what’s next on your extreme driving checklist? How about a Juggernaut, aka a giant truck complete with a 16-speed manual gearbox and 40 foot arctic trailer? On a specially built circuit, you’ll master the art of driving this colossal vehicle around roundabouts and T-junctions, before slotting it into reverse over a series of tricky manoeuvrability challenges.


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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Vivek PatankarjooliarghBrian Jeffery BeggerlyAlexander NieArshrAAm.