From fixing headlights to getting greasy beneath the bonnet, the love you have for your car goes way beyond the normal bond between man and machine. Sure, you might have fooled your spouse, but you can’t fool us — you’re madly in love with your car.

Worried you’ve become too attached to your car? Here are eleven tell-tale signs that you’re a little too in love with your motor.

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1. You Spend Too Long Primping the Paintwork

For you, the perfect way to spend a weekend is out on the driveway giving your car a wash. While the kids get ready for the Saturday trip to the supermarket, you’re washing, buffing and waxing your motor like there’s no tomorrow. In total, it takes two to four hours to restore your car to its showroom best. Time well spent.

2. You Panic When You Park Somewhere Unfamiliar

Leave your car in an unfamiliar parking space, and you spend the rest of the day panicking it’ll get nicked, vandalised or damaged. Whether you’re snowed under at work or having a day out with the kids, nothing’s enough to take your mind off your car.

3. Some of Life’s Most Memorable Moments Have Occurred in Your Car 

Through the good times and the bad, your car has been a source of joy, happiness and delight – playing a special role in all of life’s most memorable moments. From carrying you home after a disastrous first date to ferrying your new family back from the maternity ward, your motor’s been by your side through thick and thin.

4. You Have a Strict Set of Rules for Passengers

Any passenger travelling in your car must follow a number of rules: 1. No eating and drinking in the car, especially if it’s smelly food. 2. The rules of shotgun apply to two or more passengers. 3. The Driver picks the entertainment — music, Talksport, or silence. 4. Don’t speak ill of the age, colour or mileage of the car — or else. 5. Muddy shoes? You’re walking home.

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5. You’ve Given Your Car a Pet Name

You’ve named your car and talk about it like it’s a person. Like Snake in The Simpsons with his “L’il Bandit”, you imagine your car has a personality, character and even feelings.

6. The Relationship You Have With Your Car is Clear for All to See

You aren’t “in a relationship” with your other half on Facebook, but you have several Facebook galleries, an Instagram page and a Youtube account all dedicated to pictures and videos of your beloved car.

7.You Spend Loads on in-car Air Fresheners

Not one to let bad smells linger inside your ride, you spend half your hard-earned on air fresheners — leaving your car smelling like it’s just rolled out of the showroom.

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8.You Want to Find Out Everything There is to Know About Your Car

Long after you’ve switched off the ignition, you spend ages reading your car’s manual to find out everything you can about its special features. When you’ve read that front to back, you head online and scour motoring forums to find out everything there is to know about it.

9.You Think About Your Car, Even When You’re Not Driving

Your car has become an obsession, and the thought of it sitting alone in a cold car park makes you sad. When you’re sat watching telly, you peek at your car through the blinds – just to make sure it’s OK.

10. Random Stuff Reminds You of Your Car 

A splash of colour, a certain smell or something on the radio; no matter where you are or what you’re doing, random stuff reminds you of your car.

11.You Peep Out the Curtains at Night to Make Sure It’s Safe

After you’ve pulled on your PJs and brushed your teeth, the last thing you do before climbing into bed is take one final look at your beloved car. If you had your way, it would have its own bedroom right next to yours.

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