When the weather outside is frightful and the motorway is top-to-toe with taillights, you’ll need something to keep you and your passengers entertained while you’re driving home for Christmas. To help, here are 50 fun activities for your festive road trip.

1. I Spy

Classic, but a goody

2. In-Car Karaoke

Don’t be shy — check our list of 50 songs that are perfect for singing in the car. 

3. A Classic Game of ‘Would You Rather…’

Depending on how you play ‘Would You Rather…’ it can be a laugh a minute or lead to some interesting conversations that’ll see the miles whizz by.

4. Corny Souvenirs Contest

Each passenger has to buy a souvenir from a service station — the corniest wins.  

5. Who Am I?

Who Am I? is simple — one person thinks of someone famous, and the rest have to find out who it is. Remember — yes or no answers only.

6. Radio Bingo

Everyone chooses a word and keeps a tally of how often it’s mentioned on the radio. The winner is the person whose word is said the most often.

7. Hum-a-Song

One person hums a song and the others have to guess what it is. Extra points are awarded if the tune’s a rarity.

8. First one to spot

Pick a landmark near the end of your journey, like the sea or the Blackpool Tower. First one to spot it wins.

landmark from road

9. The Alphabet Game

Here’s a classic for you — pick a theme, and work your way through the alphabet saying corresponding words. Eg. Aardvark, Bat, Cat, Dog.

10. Word Association P and S

We don’t need to explain the rules of word association; this one’s perfect for passing the time. Make it more challenging by saying that words starting with either P or S are not allowed.

11. Guess the Tune

Flick through different radio stations and try to guess the song as quickly as possible. 

12. Six Degrees

One for movie, music or TV buffs – six degrees requires you to link different actors/singers/celebrities based on who they’ve worked with previously or any other form of association you can think of.

13. Crosswords

Everyone loves the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a crossword. Using your combined knowledge, aim to complete one by the end of the journey.

crossword puzzle

14. Mad Libs

You’ll need a Mad Libs book for this, but they’re pretty cheap. One passenger reads a chapter and the others have to fill in the blanks with the funniest word they can think of.

15. Road Trip Secret Santa

Draw a Secret Santa name for all passengers before you set off. Along the way, you’ve got to find a gift for that person — the weirder the present, the better.

16. Dump/Marry/Date

Another classic game; choose three famous folk you’d be happy to dump, marry or date. 

17. The Classic Car Colour Game

Every passenger is assigned a colour, and they must keep a tally of how many cars they spot of the same shade. Make it more interesting by allowing a small, 10-minute window.

18. Truth or Lie

Take it in turns to tell two lies and one truth. Your fellow passengers must guess the true statement by trying to trip you up with questions.

19. The Accent Game

If you’re driving cross-country, try to speak in the accent of the county you’re in. Extra points are awarded for Scouse, Brummie and Geordie.

20. Did You Know…

Everyone loves a good fact, so release your inner Stephen Fry and drop some knowledge on your fellow passengers.

21. Yellow Car Game

Keep your eyes open for yellow cars – when you spot one, shout “yellow car”. A less friendly version involves a soft punch on your arm for your fellow passengers when you shout. (Just be careful not to distract the driver!)

yellow parked car

22. Rhyming Game

Does the rhyming game need an explanation? We think not. Release your inner English-student over a few miles of motorway.

23. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is normally a drinking game, but it works well with soft drinks too. The loser is the person who needs the loo first! 

24. Who Can Suck a sweet the Longest?

This sweet sucking challenge is perfect for keeping the kids quiet on a long journey. Might we suggest Fruit Pastilles?

25. Animal Bingo

If you’re driving through the countryside, assign a word, phrase or sound that passengers need to make when they spot certain animals. This one will keep the kids entertained for hours.

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