Drivers across the UK and Europe trust Holts Tyreweld to fix a puncture at the roadside, helping them quickly get back on the road. But can our emergency puncture repair system be used for motorcycles too?

Motorcycle Wheel tire

Suffering a flat tyre on your motorbike can be frustrating, leaving you stuck at the side of the road, often in the pouring rain. And unlike car drivers, there’s no option to fit a spare leaving you no choice but to call on your breakdown service.

The good news is Holts Tyreweld can be used to fix punctures on a motorbike, just like with a car. In this guide, we’ll look at the need-to-knows of fixing a motorbike puncture with Tyreweld so you can use it with confidence.

Is it Safe to Use Holts Tyreweld to Fix a Motorcycle Puncture?

Holts Tyreweld is a quick and easy puncture repair solution that can get you back on your motorbike in a matter of minutes. The product is designed to inflate the tyre and seal the puncture, so you can get to where you’re going safely before having the tyres professionally repaired or replaced.

Holts Tyreweld is safe to use when repairing a motorcycle puncture. The spray can nozzle attaches to the valve and re-pressurises the tyre, whilst at the same time applying a special puncture-sealing solution. This circulates through the tyre when the motorbike is driven slowly, sealing punctures to ensure a quick, safe and convenient repair.

Motorbike flat tire

For Tyreweld to offer a safe and effective puncture repair for your motorcycle, the puncture should meet the following criteria:

  • Only punctures in the centre two-thirds of the tyre can be repaired; it will not repair punctures in the sidewall.
  • Punctures should be less than 5mm in diameter.
  • A maximum of three punctures can be repaired per tyre, as long as they’re in different thirds of the tread profile.

Is Tyreweld Compatible with All Types and Sizes of Motorcycle Tyres?

The great thing about Tyreweld is that it comes in three different sizes – 300ml, 400ml and 500ml – so you can choose the can that’s right for the volume of your motorbike’s tyres.

It’s easy to find the right Tyreweld for your motorcycle; just look for the number printed on the sidewall of the tyre with an ‘R’ in front of it. When you’ve found these two digits, check back here or on the Tyreweld can for which size is right for your motorbike tyres:

  • 300ml – 13 and 14
  • 400ml – 15 and 16
  • 500ml – 17 and over

Tyreweld is designed not to over-inflate your tyres, but it’s still important to use the size that best matches the volume of your motorbike’s wheels. If you get the wrong size, you should be able to return and swap it at most stockists, provided it’s still in an unused condition.

Click here for more help deciding which size of Tyreweld to buy

Can a Motorcycle Tyre be Repaired After Using Tyreweld?

Holts Tyreweld is designed to provide a safe, temporary puncture repair, helping you reach your destination without spending ages at the roadside. We do however recommend getting the tyre professionally repaired or replaced as soon as possible to ensure maximum safety and reliability on future rides.

Holts Tyreweld doesn’t damage your tyre or make it irreparable. Our safe, non-toxic formula can be easily washed from inside the tyre, so it can be professionally repaired. There are however other reasons why the tyre can’t be fixed sometimes, for example, if it’s suffered too many punctures in the past or the mechanic believes that the structure of the tyre may have been compromised.

How to Use Holts Tyreweld to Fix a Motorcycle Puncture

Repairing a puncture on your motorcycle with Holts Tyreweld couldn’t be easier. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on what to do when you experience a puncture out on the road.

  1. If possible, find a safe place to pull over, well away from the carriageway. Switch on your hazard warning lights and place a warning triangle a few paces away from the rear of your motorbike, to alert other road users. WOULD A BIKE HAVE A WARNING TRIANGLE?
  2. Switch off your motorbike and raise it onto its stand.
  3. Carefully check the tyres to see if you can find the cause of the puncture. Remember, Tyreweld only works if the puncture is located on the tyre tread, not on the sidewall. If possible, remove the cause of the puncture.
  4. Next, shake the Tyreweld can well and connect to the tyre valve. Tear off the red security tab and twist the cap to the ‘on’ position.
  5. Move away from the motorbike and wait for the can to fully empty into the tyre. This should take around two minutes.
  6. Drive immediately for at least six miles at a reduced speed of no more than 50mph. This will give the product time to circulate through the tyre and seal the puncture.
  7. When it’s convenient, have the tyre checked, repaired or replaced by a professional mechanic.

We hope this guide to using Holts Tyreweld to fix a puncture on your motorcycle has been helpful. If you have any queries or concerns, you can reach us on the Holts UK Facebook page. For more information about our vehicle maintenance products, visit the homepage today.