With its light nights and warm temperatures, summer is arguably the best season in which to drive; however, that’s not to say your car won’t need looking after as the season progresses. Before taking a trip to the beach or heading off on your holidays this summer, here are some quick maintenance jobs that’ll keep your car in good condition throughout the season.

1. Check Your Coolant/Antifreeze

Although summer 2015 was a bit of a washout, we’re confident this year’s will be warmer, drier and sunnier — good news for you sun worshippers. But before you reach for the beach towel, pop the bonnet and check your engine’s coolant/antifreeze level. By checking that the coolant/antifreeze level is well above the ‘minimum’ mark on the tank, you’ll save yourself the headache of breaking down by the roadside due to an overheating engine.

2. Paintwork

When exposed to hot summer sun for hours on end, your car’s paintwork could start to fade — something which is time-consuming and pricey to put right. During the summer, avoid parking your car in the sun for long periods of time and find a shaded area instead. Alternatively, invest in a car cover that will protect the paintwork from the sun’s rays.

3. Vision

Glare from the sun contributes to around 3,000 accidents a year, so it’s important to keep your windscreen clean and clear during the summer months. Any dirt, debris and smears on the inside and outside of the windscreen will impact on visibility, so be sure to give the glass a good clean. The best way to clean the outside of the windscreen is with a high quality screen wash that removes dirt, grease and debris. For the inside, use glass cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dust and any smears.

4. Air Filter

The air filter is designed to keep dirt and debris from entering the engine, but can easily become clogged during the summer — especially if you spend lots of time behind the wheel. Therefore, the air filter should be replaced once a year as part of the car’s annual service, preferably before the start of the summer months.

5. Air Conditioning

Did you know the average air conditioning unit loses around 15% of its refrigerant gas every year? So each summer you should be looking at getting it serviced — provided you’ve been using it, that is. Air conditioning will not only keep you cool behind the wheel, but it can remove harmful pathogens in the air that can cause hay fever and allergies, so it’s a good thing to have during the summer.

If summer is drawing to a close, and you need to get your car prepped for the coming months, head over to the Ultimate Car Care Guide hub,  here, and check out the detailed pages for maintaining automobile performance through the seasons.