From flesh-eating zombies to freak floods and all manner of other nasties, the end of the times is so often depicted in Hollywood blockbusters, you start to wonder if they know something we don’t. And that got us thinking — if the four horsemen did make an unexpected arrival here on planet Earth, how would the average Brit cope with the pitfalls of an apocalypse?

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Given self-preservation is key to surviving Armageddon, we reckon a large swathe of the population would reach for their car keys in the hope of outrunning death and destruction. But while driving to a secluded spot might sound a good plan, the average Ford, Toyota or BMW isn’t exactly built for post-apocalyptic conditions, so you might need to rethink your options.

To give you a fighting chance of driving safely into the sunset, here we provide a guide on how to apocalypse proof your car. From makeshift battering rams to studded tyres, the guide offers tips and advice on what changes you can make to your car to ensure it’s ready for the end of days. And for those worried their Fiat 500 isn’t up to the task, we’ve also included a handful of cars that are perfect for the apocalypse.

Until the apocalypse brings fire and brimstone down on our heads, it’s important to keep your car in perfect working order. At Holts, we’ve been helping to keep Britain motoring since 1919, and we won’t let a global catastrophe stand in our way.

So if you want to protect your car against unexpected breakdowns and problems beneath the bonnet, visit our homepage to browse our range of handy DIY car care products. All of our products are developed to be simple to use and incredibly hard working, so you can rely on them by the side of the road or in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

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