When it comes to out-and-out driving enjoyment, nothing beats a road trip. No matter what your final destination, driving just for the sake of it is a great way to see more of the world whilst spending time with friends and family — not to mention your beloved car.

At Holts, we love a good road trip and we know that you do too. So to celebrate those memorable weekend drives and cross-country trips, we got in touch with a few of our favourite bloggers to find out their most memorable and amusing road trip memories.

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Steve Napier – CarBlog.co.uk

“The year was 1992, many moons before I was a car blogger. I was a student at Lancaster University in the foothills of the Lake District. Me and my friends took a trip in our assorted ‘cheap first cars’ across the lakes enjoying the beautiful scenery and great driving roads in equal measure. It was only when we approached Hardknott Pass that I was to have one of my most embarrassing moments in life. You see I was driving a Ford Escort 1.1L Popular which is quite likely the most underpowered car in the world, and Hardknott Pass has a maximum gradient of 1 in 3! The Escort 1.1 said “no” and I was the laughing stock. Since then I’ve always had a penchant for powerful cars!” 

Dave — The DADventurer.com

“During recent years, road trips have become our preferred holiday. There’s something cool about hiring a car in a different country, then exploring places off the beaten track. My favourite was our recent trip to America’s West Coast. We hired a convertible Mustang, then did a loop from LA to LA via the deserts of Death Valley, the forests of Yosemite, the alpine lake of Tahoe, the nightlife of Reno, the volcanoes of Lassen, the wine region of Napa, the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, the beaches of Orange County and chilled-out San Diego. A truly memorable road trip.”

John Adams — Dadbloguk.com

“When I was 18, my friend Stuart and I decided to visit Stonehenge. This was long before satnavs. We were relying on road maps and Stuart’s sense of direction.

Getting things completely wrong, he said: “Stonehenge is near Aylesbury, where my dad works.”

“We looked at a map and set off for Aylesbury, but on arrival couldn’t see any signage for Stonehenge. We eventually realised that Stuart had confused Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire with the village of Amesbury in Wiltshire.

“After laughing at our own stupidity, we set off again and eventually found Stonehenge. The monument was only 50 miles from home but we drove about 200 miles that day!”

Tom Briggs — Diaryofthedad.co.uk

“My favourite road trip memories are of childhood family holidays in France. Every summer, we’d get a ferry and drive to a different part of the country. Although we went to explore new places and sometimes to stay with friends, the journey was an important part of the experience that I always looked forward to.

“Zipping down roads with vineyards or fields full of sunflowers either side with the sun beating down and the sound of ever-so-slightly distorted music from favourite cassette tapes became synonymous with the trips. Whenever I hear The Beatles, Tom Petty or ELO it always reminds me of those happy days!”

Tim Atkinson — Bringingupcharlie.co.uk

“They’d have had plenty of opportunity, too. Because once I became a student in London, the car began showing it’s age. Trips down the M1 at the start of term got slower. My parents became wearily accustomed to the flashing orange lights of the AA relay truck at 3am and I became more familiar with the train. Eventually, south of Leicester Forest East services, the engine blew up. There was a lot of smoke. The car’s final journey was to the scrap yard. And there were tears. But I can still remember the number: NME 980L.”

Andrew Baker — GMotors.co.uk

“My idea of an inspiring road trip is not something in the distant future, far away. It is just a few days spent driving in the countryside, taking the smallest roads possible to see nature in its full beauty. To see it in full, I will also get out of the car, breathe in the autumn freshness, and see all of the falling leaves. It is a beautiful time of year and it is worth driving out of the city.”

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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Adam Russell.