What the Professionals Think of Tyreweld

Jonathan Fry Headshot2

An interview with Jonathan Fry


At Holts we know that when you use products on your car, you want to be able to trust them. That’s why we work with mechanics to get genuine feedback on our products, and to make sure you’re getting professional quality from us.


We asked Jonathan Fry, a mechanic at Fry Automotive and a member of our professional panel, about his experiences with Tyreweld, to get his thoughts on our emergency tyre repair product.


Around 70% of all new cars are sold without a spare wheel, and often have repair kits from the car manufacturer instead. What are your experiences of working with customers in this situation?

My experience is that customers who own vehicles sold without spare wheels are virtually without exception unaware they have no spare (it’s not something you look for unless you need it) and even more unaware of how to use the temporary equipment supplied in its place.


Are you familiar with Tyreweld as an alternative to spare wheels/manufacturer repair kits?

I have advised owners of vehicles without spare wheels and those who travel out of town to carry a can of Tyreweld for years. I have a can in my own car at all times to deal with my own emergencies and those of my customers. It’s a fantastic and cheap get-you-home product.



Some temporary repair solutions cause damage to tyres. Knowing that Tyreweld will not damage tyres and can be easily wiped out before a professional repair, would you feel comfortable repairing a tyre after a customer has used Tyreweld?

Yes. It can often take longer to clean out a tyre and wheel of inferior products than it does to carry out a tyre repair. Ultimately the customer pays for this and knowing that the labour involved in removing Tyreweld is minimal makes it easy to recommend the product to customers.


So would you recommend Tyreweld?

Yes. I have recommended customers carry a can of Tyreweld for years and never had a complaint from a customer. It’s the only brand I’ll carry in my own car.