How does Radweld work?

man looking over engine wondering issuesIf your car’s radiator is leaking, you want to ensure you use the best solution. As a leading manufacturer of car repair products for both mechanics and home users, Holts take every possible step to ensure our products perform as promised to solve your car problems. This involves constant research into your needs and modern car technology, as well as rigorous testing in the lab to ensure we meet the highest standards for you.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cost effective solution, look no further than Radweld. It’s one of our most popular products, and drivers have been using it for decades to repair leaks in radiator.

How does Radweld work? It works its way through the system seeking out leaks and forming permanent repairs in minutes. Radweld has been carefully formulated to mix with all engine coolant and antifreeze. Your pour it directly into the cooling system, no need to drain or flush the system first. Radweld also provides anti-corrosion protection and prevents future leaks; it will last the lifetime of the coolant in the system.

Will Radweld clog the system?

Radweld repairs holes caused by damage and corrosion. It has been specifically designed not to block channels and clog radiators. Radweld will target small leaks in your radiator without causing blockages. Learn more

How to use Radweld – Simply pour and fix

1.       We recommend you let the engine cool before use.

2.       Remove the cooling system cap.

3.       Shake the Radweld bottle and pour into the cooling system.

4.       Run your car’s engine for 15-25 minutes with the heater on and check to see that the leaking has stopped.

5.       Finally check your car’s coolant level. If it’s less than the level recommended by your vehicle’s handbook then top it up as needed.

6. For more extensive leaks, consider using Radweld Plus or Wondarweld.

Written by Bruce Ellis