What is Holts Valve Grinding Kit?

Cylinder head valves control the intake of fuel/air and the removal of exhaust gases from your car’s combustion chamber.

The valves open to do this, but it is crucial that when they close, the valves create a gas tight seal with the valve seats.

If they don’t close tightly it can cause a loss of compression, resulting in a significant loss of power.

Over time valves and seats can suffer from deposits, erosion and pitting.

Fuel combustion causes stubborn deposits to build up on the valves and this prevents them from closing properly. This is made worse by modern fuels that lack lubrication.

When the build-up starts to prevent a gas tight seal between the valve and the seat, they may need to be reconditioned, and you can do this with a Holts Valve Grinding Kit.

  • Easy to use
  • Professional resurfacing
  • Contains two grades of polish – one to cut back and one to polish the surface

Holts Valve Grinding Kit contains two grades of high quality abrasives to remove stubborn deposits and also to resurface and “reseat” the valves.

The coarse grade polish can be used to resurface heavily soiled valves or pitted valve seats with minimum effort, while the fine grade abrasive rapidly polishes the valve seats.

Using the abrasives with the suction cup stick will help to seat your valves correctly, restore cylinder compression and improve engine power and efficiency.