Consumer – Prevent the Car “Blues” with Adblue

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The market leader in the UK for fuel additives, Redex, has launched it’s easy to use ‘Adblue’ – the must-have exhaust fluid for reducing harmful emissions in diesel cars.
Redex Adblue 1.5 LitreSince last year, all EU cars are now fitted with AdBlue tanks to help reduce emissions by up to 80 percent. If your car uses AdBlue, you need a plan in case it runs out. Running out means that your car won’t start, so having a spare bottle of Redex AdBlue is more important than ever!
Luckily for you, topping up Adblue has never been so easy. The specially designed bottle has a controlled pouring system with a start-stop function preventing any spilling or contamination from taking place. You can relax and store Redex Adblue in your boot without any risk of leaking, and use it whenever you start to run low.


Redex Adblue can be found in Asda, Tesco and Auto Specialists starting at RRP: £7.40