Consumer – UK’s Coldest City Gets Warmed Up By Surprise Gifts

Prestone- On the Road in Aberdeen
Prestone- On the Road in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, the UK’s coldest city having once recorded a temperature of -16.8 degrees celsius, received a welcome and surprising warming boost as snow and ice is predicted to hit this weekend.
Proving that not only Santa delivers welcome parcels, mechanics in the city were surprised and delighted at work this week with a set of gifts guaranteed to warm hearts and bodies alike.
Leading coolant/antifreeze manufacturer Prestone launched its ‘Coldest City’ campaign to reward professional mechanics for delivering outstanding work no matter how cold the temperature drops. Prestone dropped off thermal base layers, heat changing mugs and tasty hot refreshments. It also supplied free cases of its industry leading coolant/antifreeze which remains effective in temperatures as low as -37 degrees celsius.


Industry sources reveal that around 60%* of engine failures are attributed to cooling system problems, highlighting the need for an engine coolant guaranteed to perform in even the coldest environments.
Claire Fenton, brand manager at Prestone, commented: “Aberdeen’s professional mechanics work hard no matter what the weather, so we wanted to do something to help them stay toasty this winter!”
“With bitterly cold blasts forecast, mechanics need to prepare vehicles with reliable, professional aftermarket products which can handle extremes, therefore, it seems the perfect time to share some Prestone products with Aberdeen’s mechanics.”
Ian Miller, owner of Aberdeen Autobody, one of the garages visited, added: “It’s fantastic that Prestone chose to come to Aberdeen and reward the mechanics in the city. We all work hard no matter what the weather throws at us, so to be given some warming gear is nice recognition. Trialling a new professional product that is equal to the worst the weather can throw at us was great too. We know we’ll be in safe hands using Prestone products for our customers.”
Prestone’s unique formula Coolant/Antifreeze guarantees to protect engine parts for up to five years or 150,000 miles, even in the most extreme weather conditions, from -37 to +129 degrees celsius. It is compatible with all makes and all models of vehicles making it the ideal choice for professionals and home users alike.