Driving Since 1919

Since Douglas Holt first started selling car parts in 1919, the company has been committed to helping drivers to maintain their cars and keep driving. As a British company who develop, test and manufacture products right here in the UK to export across the globe, we’re proud of our heritage and place in the automotive industry.

Over the years we’ve forged links with mechanics and professionals as well as consumers, constantly innovating to ensure our products meet the needs of modern cars. We’ve also built up a family of 4 brands – Holts, Prestone, Simoniz and Redex – which offer high quality products across fuel additives, car care, maintenance and repairs.

With this family now in place, we decided the time had come to update our logo to reflect this history and where we are now.

The new design lets us display our proud British heritage, and lets you know that we’ve been here since 1919 and we’re still driving forward – always pushing to innovate, looking for new ways to help you look after your car and meeting gaps in the market, whether it’s in the UK or in one of the many global locations we operate in.