Trade – Holts Comes of Digital Age

Leading UK aftermarket manufacturer, Holts, has strengthened its brand with the launch a modernised website and redesigned logo.


Holts has made a significant investment in the new website, including the recruitment of a new digital manager, Kat Morris, to drive continuous improvements and enhance the online customer experience.
Once a simple product brochure, Holts’ website is now a comprehensive, consumer friendly site that can be used on all other devices such as mobiles and tablets.
The website redesign was undertaken to improve the functionality and usability of the website, with particular focus on easier navigation, availability of product content and more prominent national and local stockist information for customers.


Holts’ increased online presence is already driving traffic to retailer websites directly to the point of purchase, and is also helping to further support local specialists in driving footfall to these stockists from customer searches.
In addition to the website being easier to navigate, it is now more user friendly, splitting up the brands – Holts, Prestone, Redex and Simoniz – and providing in depth product descriptions for all of them to educate the consumer, regardless of their level of mechanical knowledge or expertise.
Bringing Holts right into the digital age, the site also features video demonstrations and instructions, a comprehensive search tool that will suggest appropriate products to users when they ask a question, and hints and tips from its mechanic and laboratory teams.
Further to the new website, the Holts logo has evolved to incorporate the Union Jack to reflect the British heritage of the business since 1919 which has a manufacturing base in Newquay. With the UK being the fifth most desirable country of origin for the automotive sector, Holts decided the inclusion of the UK flag in the logo would add value to its brand positioning.
Finally, the digital team has made it easier for users to engage with the brand through social media and has committed significant budget to building content.
Holts will continue to improve its website with support from Kat Morris, who has been working alongside its brand team since November 2014. Kat said: “Our brand is constantly evolving and this is the first step in modernising the company, bringing it into up-to-date digitally and building up our social media engagement and content. I have lots of great ideas in the pipeline, so watch this space.”