Consumer – Holts’ Tyreweld Redesign Leads to Record Sales

Holts, the leading UK car aftermarket manufacturer, has seen outstanding sales results for its Tyreweld Emergency Car Tyre Repair product, following a full packaging redesign.

The redesigned product was rolled out in late summer 2015 and for the period October to December 2015 sales increased an impressive 106 per cent year on year with similar promotion support.

Holts Tyreweld is safe, quick and easy to use when a dreaded puncture occurs ; instantly re-inflating and repairing a punctured tyre so you can drive home safely. The product offers drivers peace of mind in the boot!

The redesign followed detailed consumer

research, with the new design not only having great on shelf standout but also making the product easier to select. It highlights the key product benefits using fewer simpler icons and well selected words ; the research made it very clear what words would work best. Ultimately the redesign has increased impulse purchasing and with it rate of sale.

The usage instructions have also been simplified making it easier for consumers to use the product when a puncture strikes. Pictograms support the instructions and clearly show the unique Holts twist and go valve which allows drivers to walk to safety while their tyre reinflates.

Claire Fenton at Holts Lloyd International said: “We’re obviously delighted by the sales increase which shows that our investment in research has been very worthwhile. The new design not only looks good but performs very well on shelf. This is allowing more men to discover the product and buy it for their partner, wife or kids. Our research provided the insight that Tyreweld could allay the fear they had for their loved ones when they were on the road alone and quite possibly without a mobile signal. ”